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Understanding and Embracing Ethics in the Workplace (CPAY)

Understanding and Embracing Ethics in the Workplace (CPA Yukon PD)

Course Overview

“I believe…. therefore I do…” Research shows that despite our best intentions and conviction to our values, our actions in times of conflict or stress may not be what we expect. This session provides an opportunity to challenge and uncover what “ethics” means in a professional context and how our goals, values and traits drive our responses in times of conflict and stress.  Participants will have opportunities to practically apply what they learn through interaction and knowledge exchange with their peers.

Please note that the presenter will be attending virtually, while participants will be attending in-person.

In this course, you will learn

  • how to manage organizational dynamics when personal ethics conflict with corporate values
    various approaches to ethical thinking
  • the impact stress and conflict has on our thoughts and actions how we can best prepare to work in this environment
  • the impact of deadline and goals/objectives in driving ethical performance ethics from a broad organizational perspective as it relates to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)to apply and practice specific techniques, tools and strategies based on relevant business based scenarios

CPD Hours
This seminar qualifies for 4 CPD hours and contains 4 hours of ethics content. 

2023-06-19 12:30 PM - 4:30 PM
Pacific Daylight Time
Best Western Gold Rush Inn 411 Main Street Whitehorse

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